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iHire’s Resume Writers hold the Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) credential, have Bachelor’s degrees in English and technical writing, and are specifically trained in the style, formatting, and keyword optimization strategies you need to get past electronic filters and applicant tracking systems. Our in-house writers know what employers in 60+ industries are looking for in your executive, mid-level, or entry-level resume.

Meet Our Featured Writers

Natalie Winzer, CARW

Bachelor’s degree in English, minor in studio art from Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Memberships: Career Directors International, Career Thought Leaders

Success Story - Michelle Giobbi [+]

Michelle, a Pharmacist with more than 20 years’ of experience, was having no success with her resume. After 3 months of searching, she had zero hits and no interviews. Michelle researched resume writing tips on the internet and attempted to make adjustments on her own, but to no avail. She had the experience, the education, and the skills – why was her resume being overlooked? After learning that offered professional resume writing services, and realizing this was the key to succeeding in the highly competitive pharmacy market, Michelle decided to have her resume rewritten by resume writer Natalie Winzer.

Michelle’s original resume had a simple format outlining when and where she worked and when and where she achieved her degree, but not much else. Her experience was there on the page, but not compelling the reader to choose her over another candidate. Based on her steady career history as a retail pharmacist and similar responsibilities in each position, Natalie employed a functional strategy. Michelle’s new resume started off with a brief summary section that highlighted what she had to offer followed by a solid list of key skills. Next, Michelle’s achievements were showcased in a “Professional Highlights” section, emphasizing her unique accomplishments and value offered. Instead of focusing on her daily duties as a Pharmacist, which doesn’t create much excitement for the reader, Michelle’s new resume clearly showcased her specific skill set and her ability to improve performance and productivity – a great answer to employers’ question, “What can you do for me?”

The new resume was completed in the beginning of October, and within 5 days, she interviewed for and landed a position with a major retail pharmacy in her area. Her new resume enabled her to go from zero to 60 in less than a week, finally getting in the door and nailing the interview. For Michelle, someone with extensive experience and highly impressive credentials, a professionally written resume was the missing link in her job search.

Freddie Rohner, CARW

Bachelor’s degree in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, St. Mary’s City, MD
Memberships: Career Directors International, Career Thought Leaders

Success Story - Victor Crainich [+]

As an Accounting Manager with more than 17 years of hands-on experience, Victor Crainich (Vic as he likes to be called) knows numbers. When it comes to financial statement preparation, month and year-end closing, or ad hoc reporting, Vic has been the go-to person for his employers throughout his career.

When he began looking for work in December, Vic decided to have his resume rewritten by a professional resume writer. However, after 3 months of searching with little results, Vic sent it to for a second look and ultimately decided to have the resume writing team take over the revision of his resume. Vic attacked the questionnaire with the same tenacity and attention to detail that he brings to his daily financial analysis and account reconciliation duties, never hesitating to ask questions about the pertinence of his specific experiences. After returning the questionnaire and receiving the first draft from his writer, Freddie Rohner, Vic examined the document closely and collaborated with Freddie to make sure his new resume accurately presented his career and would catch the attention of potential employers.

Armed with a resume that took full advantage of Vic’s many achievements, using strategically placed bold font to further accentuate his significant and vital contributions for his previous employers, Vic landed the precise job he was looking for (Controller) within a week of finalizing his new resume.

When asked what he thought the key aspect of his successful new resume was, Vic didn’t hesitate to respond: “I got more bites and more compliments with the resume because of its concision. Freddie took all the information I provided in the questionnaire and presented it effectively to make it past a ’20 second’ scan.”


"I really hadn't realized how important it is to put your best face forward – I always figured my career history speaks for itself. Your rewrite pointed out that all I've done is listed the responsibilities I was able to handle, but not what value-added I was able to provide. I am ecstatic that I invested in a new resume." – Deborah J., Geologist, Ft. Washington, MD

"Just wanted to let you know that I now have a full-time job because of my resume. Having my resume redone by iHire was the right thing to do. I am very happy." – Beth C., Controller, Owatonna, MN

"I wanted to let you know that I emailed my resume to 9 places, one of which I had sent my old resume. They responded within minutes and I have a second interview with them Friday. This a clear evidence of how wonderful the new one is, because they never responded to the old one." – Terri M., Medical Office Manager, Cary, NC

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